Cadillac Vehicles Are The Least Expensive To Maintain In 10-Year Period

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Cadillac vehicles were among the cheapest to maintain in over a decade of ownership, recently Study by Consumer reports States.

The study was conducted by collecting responses from vehicle owners who were asked to record how much they spent on maintenance and repairs over a 12 month period. There is a significant cost difference between the five year old model and the 10 year old model, as older vehicles require a higher level of maintenance over time. The average cost to maintain a five year old vehicle is $208, whereas owners of a 10 year old vehicle report an average cost of $406.

Cadillac vehicles proved to be the least expensive to maintain for five years, with an average of $106 spent on repairs and maintenance each year. Once the vehicle reaches 10 years of age, that fee increases to $225 per year. Cadillac’s low average maintenance and repair costs mean that the vehicles are less likely to need a decade’s worth of major repairs, instead requiring relatively inexpensive maintenance services, such as routine oil changes and fluid maintenance.

The second best performing luxury brand is Lincoln, with an average of $116 in annual maintenance costs once the vehicle is five years old, and $306 once the vehicle reaches 10 years of age. BMW ranks as the most expensive brand to maintain, with an average maintenance and repair cost of $206 per year after five years and a whopping $911 per year after 10 years. Audi and Mercedes-Benz are in the top three most expensive vehicles to maintain, while Lexus is near the middle of the list.

Consumer reports shows that buyers in the market for vehicles can save money by buying used vehicles made by automakers with the lowest reported maintenance and repair costs. These vehicles will also have lower insurance and registration fees, further helping owners save money.

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