Barn Find Reveals BMW 2000 CS, Citroen DS, Amidst Dozens of Forgotten Cars

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Finding one forgotten car in a warehouse is special enough, but collections in France number in the tens, if not hundreds. Several vehicles were unrecognizable as all that was left were the skeletons and firewalls. With a little effort and a sizable bank account, someone might be able to get some of these models back on the road.

Some of the cars are inside some of the barns and outbuildings. Others are outside exposed to the elements. The brushes, leaves and vines are so deep in some of them you can’t see the vehicle, the general shape is the only evidence that something is there.

There are no themes for this collection. Being in France, there are quite a number of cars from that country, but also many from England, the United States and Germany. There are also several commercial vehicles, including a fire truck and a Citroen with a rear crane.

We don’t know the story behind this collection. Several cars were damaged, so this location may be a forgotten junkyard.

The so-called main warehouse houses some of the best vehicles. That’s where the BMW 2000 CS is. The car is covered in dust, but in general the body seems to be in good condition. Inside, some of the trim was peeling off, and there was a large crack in the dashboard. The damage is not serious and can be repaired. Under the hood, the cover above the cylinder head is gone, but most of the other important components are still there.

In front of BMW, there is the Mercedes-Benz 450 SE and SLC. The space also accommodates several Panhard 24’s and commercial trucks with bicycles stacked higher than the cabin.

The Bearded Explorer who made this video said it took more than 10 hours of travel to get to this French treasure. Still, the trip was definitely worth it, as not many barn finds are as special as this one.