BMW M5 Rear Caught Without Camouflage Showing Boxy Diffusers

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After seeing the next-gen BMW M5 under development in spy photos, we can now check out part of the sport sedan without camouflage.

The photo shows the M5 with a small, black spoiler on the trunk lip. If you zoom in, the M5 badge is barely visible on the passenger side. There are blocky surrounds around the dual exhausts on each side and a diffuser section near the middle. The center portion is body color.


The photo’s angle makes it hard to see the wheels, but they appear to have Y-shaped spokes with a black finish. The rear fenders appear broader than the regular 5 Series. contacted the person who posted this on Instagram to learn about the picture’s provenance. “Someone sent it to me anonymously,” he said.

Spy shots (below) provide an idea of the new M5’s front-end styling. The fascia has a complex design with vertical inlets on the outer edges, diagonal openings closer to the center, and two rectangular elements in the middle. The grille and headlights look the same as what’s available on the standard 5 Series.

We don’t yet have an uncamouflaged view inside the new M5’s interior, but the spy show below provides a glimpse inside. If it’s like previous versions, we expect the general layout to match the 5 Series but with sporty touches like seats with thicker bolsters and carbon-fiber trim.

2024 BMW M5 spy photo

The new M5 uses a plug-in-hybrid twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8. The total output isn’t available yet, but the figure is reportedly over 700 horsepower. For example, this setup makes 738 hp and 738 pound-feet of torque in the XM Label Red.

Battery details also aren’t yet available for the M5. The XM Label Red has a 29.5 kilowatt-hour unit with a 19.2 kWh usable capacity. The SUV’s electric-only range is roughly 30 miles.

The M5 is also getting a Touring station wagon variant. Spy shots indicate that it looks largely like the sedan, except for the extended roof for creating more cargo space. It’s launching in 2024 and might even be available in the US.

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