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The Telepass has arrived in our lives for many years now and has simplified the life of all those motorists who are forced to move every day for one reason or another, crossing toll booths and paying preposterous sums.

Pay less at the toll
Pay less at the toll – Morori.News

Thanks to Telepass you can save a lot of moneywhich can even make a difference at the end of the year.

Here’s what we’re talking about. Those who have activated the Telepass pay a subscription, solving the problem of having to stop and wait for minutes and minutes at toll booth due to long queues on the motorway.

How Telepass and similar services work: how to pay 50% less

Through the Telepass not only is it done quickly, but the toll is also paid much less. In reality, not many know it, but there is another method that allows you to pay less for the toll on the motorway. Finding out can change things.

We’re talking about Mooney Go and Unipol Move, two services that work alongside Telepass and offer something more. Operation is the same for all three services: the reference device is positioned (which in any case is similar to Telepass), on the dashboard of the car.

Each time you pass through the reserved toll booth, it recognizes the vehicle and causes the barrier to rise. Savings are guaranteed. With the Telepass, you can pay 50% less, except on some routes, for example on the Pedemontana, where the 20% discount applies only from the sixth day of transit.

Telepass, Mooney and Unipol Move subscription

Those who have the Telepass consumer and reside in Mirano, Mira, Spinea, Doro and Pianiga, traveling along the Milan – Dolo Padova are entitled to a 40% discount by transiting 20 times a month on a vehicle belonging to class A.

Instead, those who pass by the Milan ring road, starting from the twenty-first day, are entitled to a 30% discount. For the basic Telepass you have to pay €1.83 per monthfor Telepass Pay per use €10 for activation and then €2.50 per month.

For the easy service you pay €2 a month, for Plus 3 euros, for Pay X, the first two years are free and then you pay €3 a month. Finally, Telepass Next costs €5 a month, while installation costs €35.

As for Mooney Go, the device can be purchased in bars and tobacconists throughout Italy, it makes available to users many offers, including relevant ones. The same goes for Unipol Move, which costs €1 a month. To have a second device you have to pay 0.50 cents more.