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Ferrari celebrates the record sales of 2022 with its employees. The 5,000 employees will be offered a super bonus in their payroll. In 2023 better results are expected in the sales of the Prancing Horse supercars.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale (Ansa)
Ferrari SF90 Stradale – Motors.News

Despite the period of economic crisis, the Ferrari brand knows no brakes on sales. The supercar market is booming: in 2022 the House of Maranello delivered 13,221 models with an increase of 18.5% compared to 2021. The current year promises to be just as profitable, so much so that the famous brand has had to interrupt orders for the new Thoroughbred SUV.

Other new models are planned for 2023, such as a new spider inspired by the Ferrari Roma, but there would also be a new model on the horizon.a new supercar with a V12 engine. Work is also continuing on the first 100% electric Ferrari which will make its debut in 2025 and will join the electrified models already on sale: the 296 GTB and GTS.

Ferrari numbers for 2022

Ferrari SF90 Assetto Fiorano (Ansa)
Ferrari SF90 Assetto Fiorano – Motori.News

Ferrari has decided to share this success with its 5,000 employees, by handing out a substantial bonus that will reach up to 13,500 euros in payroll, or 12.5% ​​more than last year’s bonus equivalent to 12,000 euros. This was announced by the managing director of the Prancing Horse Benedict Vignawho defined it “a recognition to all that they do every day“. It was a very positive year for the Emilia-based company in terms of sales, demonstrating that luxury cars go against the grain of many other market sectors.

In 2022, a net profit of 939 million was recorded, laying the foundations for an even stronger 2023, with growing demand worldwide. One of Ferrari’s objectives is certainly that of returning to its competitiveness in the F1 World Championship, an excellent showcase for mass-produced products. During the last season the results have certainly improved, the championship started on the right foot. “Obviously our goal is to win the World Cup and the whole team, together with Fred Vasseur (new team principal, ed) it is working in that direction relentlessly“.

Benedetto Vigna reiterated that 15 new models will be presented by 2025, of which four in 2023. Among the priorities there is also that of expanding the base of new customers and the number of patents which in 2022 has already grown four times compared to the year before. The strategy is also oriented towards greater attention to sustainability, with further investments in hybrid and electrified models.