Jeep Offers Solution to Wrangler Problem, Gladiator “Death Wobble”.

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Jeep is offering a resolution to owners of select 2018-2020 Wrangler and 2020 Gladiator models who have experienced an issue known as a “Death Wobble.” This problem, characterized by severe rocking of the front of the vehicle, has been a source of frustration and concern for Jeep owners for years.

Under the proposed settlement obtained by Detroit Free Press, Jeep extended warranty coverage to eight years or 90,000 miles to cover “all parts and labor necessary to replace a failed front suspension damper”. This is a significant upgrade from the standard limited warranty, which typically lasts three years or 36,000 miles.

In addition to the extended warranty, Jeep is offering replacements for owners who have paid for repairs to the front suspension steering damper. These people can file a claim for reimbursement through company website.

FCA US, the arm of Stellantis US, which owns the Jeep brand, is also covering attorneys’ fees for plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit. This amount is capped at $3.95 million, with an additional $4,000 for each of the six class representatives.

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Regardless of the settlement, Jeep disclaims any admission of responsibility or fault. The proposed agreement is subject to court approval. A Stellantis representative informed Detroit Free Press that the company does not comment on active litigation.

The Death Wobble issue has been a thorn in Jeep’s side over the years, with a previous incident leading to a class action lawsuit in 2019. The company also issued a fix in 2019, replacing the steering damper/stabilizer free of charge. The proposed settlement offers affected Jeep owners a resolution and steps to resolve this issue.

In conclusion, the proposed solution is good news for Jeep owners who have experienced Death Wobble problems. The extended warranty and possible reimbursement is a positive step toward resolving legacy issues and giving Jeep owners peace of mind.

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