2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee Is Up To $4,595 Cheaper Than Before

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New vehicles are more expensive than ever. There’s one exception, though: The Jeep Grand Cherokee. In a surprising move, Jeep has taken a gigantic red pen to the bottom line of most Grand Cherokee trim levels for 2024. You can expect a $2,000 year-over-year price drop on low and midrange trims, a $3,500 discount for Limited, and at $4,000 cut for the Summit trim. Step up to the range-topping Summit Reserve and the price drop is even larger: $4,595.

That means the most expensive Grand Cherokee trim now has a starting price under $70,000, even after the $1,795 destination charge. It’s worth mentioning the same price cut applies to the three-row Summit Reserve, though it clocks in a few bucks over $70,000. The price cuts apply to three-row models throughout the lineup, as well as those with a choice of two-wheel or four-wheel drive. The only Grand Cherokee trims not packing a price drop are the entry-level Laredo A, and the hybrid 4xe versions.

Here’s a price breakdown of 2024 Grand Cherokee models (excluding 4xe) and the year-over-year price changes. All prices include Jeep’s $1,795 destination charge and denote a 2WD, two-row model unless otherwise noted. Overland and Summit trims are only offered with 4WD for 2024, so we use 2023 4WD pricing to have an apples-to-apples comparison. Beyond that, Add $2,000 for 4WD and another $2,000 for a three-row Grand Cherokee L. Go for the Laredo trim and you’ll only have to pay $1,750 to get an extra row.

Model/Trim2023 Price2024 PriceDifference
Laredo A (2wd 2-row only)$38,290$38,290 $0
Laredo X$43,175$41,175-$2,000
Altitude X$47,530$45,530-$2,000
Overland (4WD)$67,385$63,385-$4,000
Summit (4WD)$68,950$64,950-$4,000
Summit Reserve (4WD)$73,430$68,835-$4,595

We contacted Jeep to ask about the significant price cut, a stark contrast to typical year-over-year price changes, which usually increase rather than decrease. We have yet to receive a response, but Cars Direct quotes Jeep CEO Bill Peffer as saying the cuts are a response to consumers “grappling with the rising costs of inflation.” Browsing through Jeep’s online configurator, there doesn’t appear to be any notable changes in equipment between 2023 and 2024 models. We will jump in with an update as soon as we hear back from Jeep.

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