Jeep Just Sold It 5 Millionth Wrangler As 2024 Models Reach Dealerships

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When the refreshed 2024 Jeep Wrangler was announced in April, Jeep Brand CEO Christian Meunier stated in a press release that nearly five million had been sold around the world since the Wrangler launched in 1986. Now, that statement needs correcting, because the five-million mark has been reached.

In fact, it was just reached. Speaking to the press today, Jeep North America CEO Jim Morrison shared news that the five millionth Wrangler customer was just realized last night. Specifically, that’s August 28 and it just so happens to line up with a brand new global marketing push Jeep is implementing to promote its latest Wrangler. Set to the classic hip-hop groove of 2Pac’s California Love, Jeep’s Famous for Freedom campaign seeks to embrace the 1990s while acknowledging how hip-hop has shaped marketing and culture.

“Music has long played a pivotal role in our rich history of advertising, and as the industry marks the 50th year of hip-hop, the Jeep brand has been granted the enormous honor of incorporating the elusive California Love anthem track into our Famous for Freedom campaign for our new 2024 Jeep Wrangler,” said Stellantis Chief Marketing Officer Olivier Francois.

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As for the five millionth Wrangler, sadly no details are available as to model year, trim, or color. It’s likely a 2023 model, as 2024 Wranglers are only just now reaching dealerships. The latest off-roader is easily identifiable with its smaller seven-bar grille, though buyers are likely more interested in the new Dana 44 HD Full Float solid axle on Rubicon trims. It’s a first from the factory, and 2024 Wrangler Rubicons also have an 8,000-pound winch available as an option.

All 2024 Wranglers get a slight update to the interior, centered around a larger 12.3-inch infotainment screen. The upgrade required Jeep designers to nix the Wrangler’s trademark round vents in the center of the dash, though you’ll still find them at the corners. As with the grille, it’s a small change that packs a prominent visual punch.

Potential buyers in North America, Japan, China, Australia, Europe, and South Korea will see the videos for Jeep’s new hip-hop Wrangler campaign. Those who pony up cash in the US will pay at least $33,690 to put a Wrangler in the garage, as that’s the starting MSRP. On the extreme side, an optioned-up Rubicon 392 lands in the vicinity of $100,000.

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