Autovelox, this is the worst of all: 20 million euros in 2 years

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Speed ​​cameras are the biggest nightmare of all motorists in the world, because when you least expect it they make sure that a completely unexpected huge fine arrives directly at home that weighs on anyone’s wallet, especially in this period.

Worst speed camera of all
Worst speed camera of all – Motori.News

Despite the motorists study them all to evade these intelligent devices, it is impossible to go unnoticed, because nothing escapes speed cameras or tutors.

By now these speed control devices are placed practically everywhere, inside the cities and outside to try to keep traffic under control at any time of the day or night and reduce the accidents that especially in recent years they have increased.

Speed ​​cameras, here’s what to pay attention to in order not to get fined

All speed cameras are dangerous, but tutors are even more dangerous, such as the one installed on Provincial Road 412, in the Opera area, which triggers many fines a day, bringing a lot of money into the coffers of the Municipality.

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The cameras in question were installed in both directions on 16 October 2020, to detect the speed of the cars and fine those who exceed the speed established by law on the straight line.

But, in this whole situation, there is a “but”: in reality, the one positioned there is not a speed camera but an incorrectly reported tutor. By law, both tutors and speed cameras must be marked with the relative signs, which are obviously not the same.


Here’s what happened and why many motorists are appealing

The road signs since the tutor was installed have never been adequate, because those of the electronic speed control have been installed and it has never been specified that in reality it is a tutor rather than a speed camera.

The fact is that since then the municipality has collected 17.5 million euros, probably the figure if all those who received the fine had paid it regularly, it would have exceeded even 20 million euros.

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Making two very quick calculations, 281,000 fines have been paid in just over two years, more than 10,000 a month. Then 867 appeals were made, 664 of which were by the justice of the peace, while the others they were rejected for errors in practices.

In short, it is certain that the billboards should be reviewed, to ensure that the presence of the tutor in that stretch of road is in order. If you don’t want to risk getting a fine, it’s best to be careful every time you pass by.