Look At The Rivian R2’s Rad Pop-Out Rear Quarter Windows

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Rivian is one of the newest automakers on the scene, and while it only builds throughly modern EVs, it has an eye on off-roaders of the past. One particular detail on the brand-new 2026 R2 has us tickled: Pop-out rear quarter windows.

Obviously this is nothing new. Cars and trucks of the past routinely featured pop-out rear quarter windows to improve airflow and reduce pressure through the cabin. It’s an especially great thing to have in a car without air conditioning. But it’s been some time since we’ve seen this sort of thing in a new car.

“We did a lot of work to create something that builds a really open-air experience,” said Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe at the R2 reveal event. “You just saw these quarter-windows pop out, and what that does is we leverage the negative pressure off the back of the vehicle to pull natural air through and it creates this beautiful open-air feeling.”

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The R2 also has rear glass that power slides into the tailgate. Full-size Jeeps had this for years, and it’s also remained a Toyota 4Runner hallmark, but it’s a great feature. Scaringe says this even further enhances the feeling of airiness inside the cabin. It could also be great for carrying longer items. It’s easy to imagine a surfboard or two poking out of the R2’s rear.

All of this is very charming. Little nods to the past in a car that pushes into the future.