1982 Ford Bronco With Pop-Top Camper Is An Odd, Classic Overlander

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In a world of sleek modern SUVs, there’s a certain charm in stumbling upon a classic like the 1982 Ford Bronco. Even more intriguing is the unique partner-in-adventure this particular example features, a 1993 Hallmark Bronco-specific pop-top camper. This combo is listed for sale on eBay.

Having procured this Bronco over two and a half years ago, the owner’s intention was to install the pop-top camper, a rarity in itself, on one of the three Broncos they owned at the time. However, that never happened as they sold all three Broncos.

The star of this pairing is undoubtedly the 1993 Hallmark camper. Its exterior stands the test of time, showing no signs of water damage, while its interior exudes originality, from the cooktop and refrigerator to the upper large-size mattress and the convertible side seats with storage. The camper also boasts thoughtful additions, such as a retractable awning.

As far as the SUV is concerned, under the Bronco’s hood resides a 351 Windsor (5.8-liter V8) engine coupled with a C6 automatic transmission. The all-wheel-drive system, complete with 3.55 drive gears, manual lock-out hubs, and a manual high/low transfer case, ensures this classic retains its off-road prowess. Despite its age, the interior remains true to its roots with original features such as bucket seats, air conditioner, power steering, power windows, cruise control, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and more.

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However, it’s worth noting that the Bronco’s mechanical condition currently stands as a hurdle, with an electrical issue preventing it from running or driving. As a result, the vehicle needs to be towed upon purchase. 

The price? With close to two days left until the end of the auction, the highest bid so far is $9,200. The vehicle is located in White Bluff, Tennessee, and you’ll have seven days of listing close to make a full payment after a $500 deposit.