Game-Changing Saudi Arabia Venue Set To “Push The Boundaries” Of Motorsport

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The first corner climbs 20 stories high, the main straight races alongside a rollercoaster and the layout that combines street and circuit sections that can be extended into one of the world’s longest racetracks.

The Speed Park Track in Qiddiya City, just outside Riyadh, has been designed by legendary F1 designer Hermann Tilke, with former F1 driver Alexander Wurz providing his driver’s eye view on its layout. The team behind the venue also worked with developers of the all-new city to seamlessly integrate it with the urban entertainment precincts that surround it.

Now under development, the venue is aiming to host a wide range of top-level motorsports in the future and Abdullah Aldawood, Managing Director of Qiddiya Investment Company, said its development will “bring us a step closer to positioning Qiddiya City at the centre of global motorsport.”

He explained: “The track will be ready to host globally renowned racing events that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Overlooked by the formidable Tuwaiq Mountains in Qiddiya City, it will be surrounded by adrenaline-fueled attractions, experiences, and events, providing a fully immersive experience that transcends beyond racing.

“The speed park track will be seamlessly blended in its environment and the very fabric of the city, with competitors taking turn one above a music venue, and racing Six Flag’s Falcon’s Flight, complete with retail, dining and hospitality offerings that ensure a unique experience for visitors where sports, entertainment and culture collide.”

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The track design blends the best of both types of racing, with a street section that runs through the city’s contemporary architecture and a dedicated fast and open circuit section that speeds past entertainment, hospitality, and leisure destinations including a water park and a theme park.

The track features “The Blade,” a high-speed corner that will rise and fall by a massive 108 meters (20 stories).

Aldawood said: “What truly sets the Speed Park Track apart is its ability to welcome a wide array of motorsports events. From the iconic ‘Blade’ towering above a music venue to street sections running through cultural neighbourhoods, it will be setting the gold standard for the industry, redefining the world of motorsports for competitors and spectators alike.”

Speed Park Track

The viewing experience will be pretty unique too, as conventional grandstands will be ditched in favor of elevated terraces. The idea? The height allows the viewing areas to be placed far closer to the track, creating multiple vantage points right on the edge of the racing action and delivering a new type of immersive experience to motorsport fans.

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The track makes the most of the 100m+ elevation gains, too, with the promise of a wide range of different viewpoints in and around its entire length.

Aldawood explains: “It’s not just a venue; it’s the culmination of our efforts to position Qiddiya City at the center of global motorsport. Our vision for the track extends beyond the thrill of racing – spectators will get to witness one of the most elevated and immersive race experiences in the world, reinventing the sport as we know it.”

The designers have followed recent trends of combining racetracks and entertainment venues – which proved extremely popular in Miami and Las Vegas – but this time they are more connected than ever, as the entire city is currently under construction and the circuit has been integrated within densely developed urban entertainment precincts, right from the start.

The “Blade” turn is set to become legendary, literally climbing on top of a live music venue, while another section sees the track positioned perfectly to give drivers the unique chance to test their top speed against the world’s tallest rollercoaster, Falcon’s Flight, which is part of the neighboring Six Flags Qiddiya City venue.

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Aldawood added: “Our aim is to provide an unparalleled immersive experience that fans far and wide can enjoy. Coupled with its state-of-the-art technology, the track’s unique versatility will ensure spectators can be treated with a ground-breaking motorsport experience unlike any other. This will allow visitors to enjoy complementary offerings on-site and extend their visit beyond the racing experience.”