Honda Says Dealers Asked Not To Abandon Sedan

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While some automakers have abandoned the sedan segment and focused more on crossovers and SUVs, there is still demand for the traditional three-box body style in the United States. Honda, for example, was unwilling to abandon sedans and really saw growth potential. In fact, the company’s dealers asked Honda not to stop making new sedans because there was still good demand from customers.

Lance Woelfer, Honda’s assistant vice president of sales, recently spoke Automotive News and said Honda dealers had “asked us to ensure that we continue to focus on the sedan segment, the Accord as well as the Civic.” It turns out that many customers are still looking for a new sedan and with many car manufacturers now lacking models in that segment, the need for Honda sedans is growing. “I think while our competitors may have gone in different directions, it created more opportunities for us to meet,” Woelfer added.

Recently, Honda unveiled the new Accord which is available now for a starting price of $28,390, including a $1,095 destination fee. There are two pure combustion trim levels, as well as four hybrid classes, which Honda hopes to make up half of the sedan’s sales. The most expensive 2023 Accord costs $46,442.

What are the company’s expectations regarding this new Accord? According to Woelfer, inventory will move quickly this year as Honda estimates sedan sales will increase by about 25 percent compared to 2022. For the record, Honda plans to launch the Civic Hybrid in the United States in sedan and hatchback form next year. .

“Dealers have a lot of capability for throughput, and even though we are increasing production, their inventory may still not be at the levels we are used to seeing,” explains Woelfer. He also said that currently, car manufacturers have supplies to meet customer needs. requests effectively.

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