Let Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Designer Take You On Tour Of New Supercar

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Harry Metcalfe of the Harry’s Garage YouTube channel and a former editor of the UK’s Evo magazine got to tour the new Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale with Design Project Manager Alessandro Maccolini. 

Metcalfe starts with a tour of the original 33 Stradale. The company made just 18 of them but intended to produce 50 examples. They featured a 2.0-liter V8, making max power at 8,800 rpm behind the driver’s head. Metcalfe didn’t bring this up, but some cars had slightly different styling, like single or stacked headlights (see both variants in the gallery below).

He then meets with Maccolini to check out the new 33 Stradale and compare it to the original. The Alfa team got the briefing to begin working on the project two years ago. They crafted a vehicle with modern details and classic touches.

The 33 Stradale’s nose has fascinating design details. For example, there are 33 stripes making up the LED running lights in honor of the model’s name. The brand’s Scudetto shield-shaped grille element is three-dimensional, using pieces of bent metal. The company’s cross and snake logo hides in the center.

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The air inlets in the rear fenders are a necessary piece of the original, but the new car requires more airflow. An outward flared piece of carbon fiber increases the volume the opening can swallow and adds a sporty element. The button to open the door is concealed in this area, too.

The wheels are the phone dial design that’s familiar to other Alfa models. This design incorporates smaller circles that evoke the styling of what’s on the original 33 Stradale. 

At the back, the side air outlets incorporate the turn signals. The brake lights feature four red lamps that evoke the brand’s four-leaf clover emblem. The glass engine cover appears to float above the body to allow heat from the powerplant bay to dissipate. 

The dihedral-opening doors are another aspect that both vehicles share. Stepping inside, the layout initially seems simple. There are no buttons on the steering wheel. Retro-looking toggle switches adorn the console and roof. If drivers need more info, a power-deploying screen lowers from the dashboard.

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Alfa Romeo is charging roughly $2.1 million (2 million euros) for each new 33 Stradale, and it’s only making 33 of them. The company originally only planned to offer three colors: two shades of red and a blue tint. However, the customers wanted more. According to this video, one buyer has even requested a bare carbon-fiber body.

Maccolini reveals that the 33 Stradale is probably not the end of Alfa making one-off or few-off vehicles that would take cues from classic models.

The modern 33 Stradale is available with either a mid-mounted twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 engine producing over 620 horsepower or a fully electric powertrain with over 750 hp. Most buyers reportedly purchased the ICE version.

If you want our take on the new 33 Stradale, check out this episode of Rambling About Cars:

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