Alfa Romeo Already Working On Next Supercar For 2026 Launch

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Fueled by the instant success of its 33 Stradale revival, Alfa Romeo has already green-lighted another supercar. Cristiano Fiorio, the man in charge of strategic projects, confirmed plans are underway for a second low-volume, high-priced model that will also take inspiration in terms of design from iconic models. Prospective buyers have been asked about which design direction it should take, and early feedback has made the 1963 Giulia TZ a favorite.

Alfa Romeo’s head of design Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos mentioned the 1960 Giulietta SZ and 1970 Montreal were also among the models that customers would like to be revived in some form. As with the 33 Stradale, the new supercar is being developed by Bottega (Italian for “workshop”) – a bespoke division within Stellantis tasked with creating ultra-exclusive cars of which fewer than 50 units will be made per model.

The 33 Stradale was developed over the course of only 16 months by taking advantage of Alfa Romeo’s position underneath the Stellantis corporate umbrella as it had access to the Maserati MC20’s underpinnings. While the gorgeous coupe pictured here will come in both ICE and EV flavors, the next one won’t since the fabled Italian brand has already announced the 33 Stradale will go down in history as its last gasoline-fueled supercar.

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As a refresher, Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera has been tasked to build the 33 Stradale. Only 33 are being made, and while pricing was never officially announced, some say it cost roughly $2.1 million. Those who have signed their names on the dotted line still have time to decide whether they want the twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 or the electric powertrain. As it stands, customers have generally preferred the ICE model.

Fiorio said the Bottega division he is running must stand on its own two feet in the sense that it has to be profitable. However, making money isn’t the primary objective since he believes these supercars help improve Alfa Romeo’s image.