2023 Corvette Z06 Deliveries Delayed Amidst Parts Shortages

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Many buyers who ordered a 2023 Corvette Z06 are facing delays in the delivery of their cars due to lingering production challenges amid parts shortages. Despite completing the first year of production, customers who ordered a 2023 Z06 find their vehicles stuck in limbo, showing their cars are built but without a delivery date.

According to CorvetteBlogger.com, hundreds of 2023 Corvette Z06 cars sit in a lot outside the Bowling Green assembly plant, waiting on parts. As a result, many buyers who placed orders have their cars stuck at production code 3800, indicating the car is built but awaiting shipment. Concerns have increased recently as the UAW strike further complicates an already protracted wait for the high-performance version of the sportscar. 

Efforts to get updates from Chevrolet have yielded limited results, leaving customers in the dark regarding the status of their orders. Reports suggest that supply chain challenges, particularly related to carbon fiber parts, are a primary culprit for these delays. The demand for the Z07 carbon fiber aero package, dive planes, engine appearance package, and interior carbon fiber packages has reportedly outpaced the available supply, causing a bottleneck in the production process.

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One customer reported an innovative solution employed by Chevrolet to alleviate the parts shortage issue. Facing an extended delay in their Z06 delivery, the customer noted that Chevrolet opted to release the vehicle without specific carbon fiber components, providing a partial credit on the Window Sticker to accommodate the missing elements. This improvisation allowed the manufacturer to expedite shipments for some customers.

Moreover, to navigate the ongoing parts shortages, Chevrolet is said to have delayed the production of the 2024 Z06 models for two weeks, redirecting available parts to complete outstanding 2023 vehicles. If accurate, this approach aims to minimize customer dissatisfaction and expedite the resolution of the delivery backlog.

The initial run of the 2023 Corvette Z06 model sold out in September 2022, causing Chevrolet to close its order books. The automaker indicated it adopted a metered approach for the Z06, reopening the order books in November. The high-performance version of the Corvette has proved so popular that GM took the unprecedented step of offering owners a $5,000 credit in reward points to discourage them from flipping their cars. 

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Motor1.com reached out to Chevrolet, requesting comment on this story, and will provide updates as more information becomes available.