Top Five Automotive Job Postings Of The Week

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So, you love cars? So do we, and we’re supremely grateful to you, reader, for visiting our digital home and allowing us to make a living doing something we love. Hopefully, we can help return the favor. is a fantastic resource for connecting car people with car jobs, featuring thousands of open positions in locations all around the globe. It’s updated daily with new listings for virtually every facet of the automotive and related industries. We’re talking engineering and electronics to marketing and sales, recruiting, logistics, and more. Browse by companies, employment type, positions, or search up the specific gig you’re looking for.

We obviously can’t list them all, but we can nose around for US-based positions that stand out in the crowd. Here are the top five automotive job postings we found for this week, in no particular order of coolness.

Location: Dallas, Texas

McLaren says this position deals directly with customers, with the employee playing a “pivotal role in understanding and addressing any issues they may have surrounding their ownership experience.” The job listing doesn’t mention a specific amount of prior experience needed, but does highlight communication skills and experience in customer relations, including handling complaints.

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Location: Attleboro, Massachuttsses

Fresh out of college and looking for that first big job? Sensata Technologies seeks someone with a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent relevant work experience) for a range of engineering tasks, working with teams on designs, feasibility studies, and more.

Location: Dallas, Texas

If you have a year of photography experience and some skill with digital processing, Cox Automotive is offering a full-time position relating to vehicle auctions. As such, the job listing highlights “safe drivers” for the gig.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

No, this isn’t a job for someone who owns a Porsche. Rather, the company is seeking someone with software skills to “support the launch and growth of a dealer websites platform.” The position calls for someone with at least five years of digital product experience and at least a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree is preferred.

Location: Farmington Hills, Michigan

Who wouldn’t want to work with crash dummies? Nissan’s description calls for someone with an associate’s degree in an automotive-related field and four years of experience. For that, you’ll be tasked with setting up and calibrating dummies per NHTSA, NCAP, IIHS, or Nissan requirements, among other duties.

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