Porsche 911 997 Restomod Created By Edit Automotive Starts At $184,450

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Edit Automotive presented the g11 this week, a bespoke sports car based on the sixth-generation Porsche 911. Designed by Petr Novague, each g11 embraces the philosophy of simplicity to provide a pure connection between driver and machine. Edit Automotive plans to modify 99 cars, which it says are inspired by the original 911, and that rekindle the passion for the art of driving.

Also known as the 997, Porsche produced the sixth generation of the 911 from 2005 to 2013. Edit chose this model because it offers the last truly mechanical experience before the 991 arrived with electrically assisted steering. The build starts with a widebody version of the 997 with a naturally aspirated 3.6-liter or 3.8-liter flat-six-cylinder engine tuned to produce between 325 and 400 horsepower. Each engine is disassembled, replacing worn components and installing new IMS bearings and stainless steel cylinder liners. 

In addition to the engine upgrades, Edit Automotive enhances the interior with premium materials and changes to provide an analog driving experience. Yet the Edit g11 retains the 997’s amenities like air conditioning, heated seats, and traction control. It also offers a list of options like phone charging and Bluetooth connectivity. 

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Outside, the car is restored with custom carbon fiber front and rear fascias. Edit says the look draws inspiration from Butzi Porsche’s original design of the 911 with its taillights close to the ground. The original suspension is updated with Öhlins adjustable shock absorbers. Other features include a short shifter, performance exhaust system, forged wheels, and new brakes with GT3 front discs and Brembo calipers. Options include carbon-ceramic brakes and a limited-slip differential.

The Edit g11 starts at 170,000 euros ($187,450) and can be customized to the customer’s desires. Clients have the opportunity to select their paint color, exterior details, as well as interior colors and materials. The designer, Petr Novague, will be personally at the customers’ disposal to consult with them on the build of their EDIT g11. Every car also includes a unique plaque with a serial number, signifying its exclusivity. 

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