Army Truck Turned Into Off-Road Camper With Ikea Interior For $105K

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This 1998 Stewart & Stevenson M1079 former military truck is now a rugged motorhome with enough space to haul a motorcycle inside. The owner spent around $105,000 to create this mobile tiny home. 

Apollo bought this truck and converted it into a motorhome in the driveway of the house he was renting at the time. He put in 468 hours of labor over 36 days to complete the build.

The M1079 belongs to the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) that the military uses. Specifically, this is the van variant. Power comes from a turbodiesel inline-six engine from Caterpillar, and there’s an Allison transmission. Apollo says the truck tops out at around 52 miles per hour in stock specification. However, he changed the gearing and differentials to allow for easy cruising at 60 mph. This setup has allowed for around 8.5 miles per gallon fuel economy.

Apollo left the truck looking stock on the outside. He added some storage boxes to the exterior. The roof has solar panels and a Honda generator.

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Opening the rear door reveals a surprise. Apollo keeps his KTM Super Adventure R motorcycle back there. A winch and a rather complicated ramp system allow him to load and unload the bike.

Apollo keeps the rest of the cab simple and uses lots of Ikea gear. The kitchen has a small sink, a tiny fridge, and an induction cooktop. His desk and two-monitor work area are practically the same size as the kitchenette. A 65-gallon fresh water tank and six-gallon heater provide all the liquid he needs.

Apollo built a custom shower stall out of aluminum. There’s also a cassette toilet.

The bed is on an elevator system that lowers the mattress from the ceiling for when it’s time to sleep.

Apollo is now gearing up to build another custom RV. This one is six-wheel drive and provides even more living space for him to stretch out.

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