2024 Nissan Rogue Drops Camo, Shows New Fascia In Spy Photos

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One doesn’t simply make changes to a popular vehicle without carefully considering the consequences. Nissan sold nearly 200,000 Rogues in 2022, so it appears designers are taking a very conservative approach for this mid-cycle refresh.

This is only our second sighting of the SUV, with our first occurring clear back in April 2023. Since then, the Rogue has dropped some of the heavier camouflage coverings on its updated face, and frankly, we’re struggling to see differences. In April we postulated that the grille could be a bit narrower and deeper, but with the outline now visible, it looks the same as the current model. That is, the same in terms of size – we’re seeing a new mesh motif through the tape and we’d bet a week’s worth of tacos that the grille surround is tweaked, too.

We can see a different lower fascia, however. It’s subtle, but focus your attention on the edges of that center opening. They go up at a sharper angle, and that opening is a bit larger as well. There’s also a different pattern versus the current Rogue, likely corresponding to the updated grille. The split-light design looks unchanged, which is odd for a refresh as lights are often the focal point of small styling updates.

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The same holds true at the back, where the current taillights are in full view. Black tape covers the tops of the lenses but we think that’s just a red herring. The abundance of camouflage on the quarter panels and rear fascia could also be an exaggeration. Reflectors and visible body lines in the bumper match the current Rogue, so if Nissan has any changes in store, expect them to be minor.

2024 Nissan Rogue Rear View Spy Photo
2024 Nissan Rogue Side View Spy Photo

We haven’t had a good look inside, but a fleeting glimpse through the driver-side window reveals covers piled atop the dash. That suggests changes for the interior are coming, and we can see the center touchscreen does look a bit larger. It appears a bit more square as well, which could mean things like tactile switches and climate control vents are shuffled around to make room.

Underneath it all, our spy sources don’t expect any changes to the powertrain. In the United States, the Rogue wields a turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine making 201 horsepower, driving either the front wheels or all four through a CVT.

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As of September 21, Nissan hasn’t listed a 2024 Rogue on its website. Given the slim camouflage and Nissan’s penchant for keeping test cars hidden until a debut is imminent, we still believe the updated model will arrive before the year is out.