Listen To Ferrari Daytona SP3, Bugatti EB110, And More Hypercars Blast Past Camera

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What do Koenigsegg, Pagani, Ferrari, and Ford all have in common? The quartet of automakers was well represented at an owners’ club event in Spain that provided some stunning sights and sounds as more than a dozen hypercars left an event.

The stunning gathering was organized by Supercar Owners Circle, which bills itself as “the world’s most exclusive network of car collectors” on its Instagram. It hosts its SOC Weekends, a combination of a Concours and a rally, and its September outing had its members cruising through Spain.


The video highlights over two dozen hypercars leaving one of the locations, capturing their stunning designs and glorious engine sounds. It’s a smorgasbord of rare metal, with cars from Koenigsegg, Pagani, Ferrari, and others littering the field. It opens with the 720-horsepower Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe Black Series pulling onto the road, and it was just a taste of what would follow.

Newer metal included cars such as the Bugatti Chiron, Ford GT, Pagani Huayra, Ferrari SF90 Stradale, and the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Volante. Classics like the Bugatti EB110, Ferrari F40, and Lamborghini Diablo VT were sprinkled in as pleasant surprises, highlighting how far supercars have advanced through the decades. What was powerful and cutting-edge 30 years ago pales compared to modern hypercars. 

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The blue Ferrari Daytona SP3 that flies by at the 2:05 mark won the event’s Chopard Award for Most Elegant Car. Ferrari introduced the Daytona SP3 in 2021 with a limited production run, retro-inspired styling, and an 828-hp 6.5-liter V12 engine borrowed from the 812 Competizione. A black Ferrari Monza SP2 was also caught on camera.

The internal combustion engine was on full display during SOC Weekend Spain 2023. But several hybrids were also in attendance, like the 887-hp Porsche 918 Spyder and the 949-hp Ferrari LaFerrari, engineering milestones as the industry readies to usher in full electrification.

Automakers build and sell millions of new cars every year. Assembly lines worldwide pump out hundreds of thousands of models like clockwork. Still, the rarest automobiles are produced in far lesser quantities, making them elusive unicorns many people never see driving on the road. Seeing so many rare machines in one place is quite the treat for enthusiasts.

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