Volvo Semi-Truck Camper Conversion For Sale For $6,500

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This custom 1984 Volvo semi-truck motorhome combines a living space with a rig that’s capable of pulling heavy loads. It’s currently on Craigslist for $6,500 in Parma, Ohio. reached out to the owner for more details about the fascinating build.

The base vehicle is a Volvo big rig with a turbodiesel inline-six engine. The listing reports the truck “runs great” and claims it receives service every year. The rear can hook up to a gooseneck, bumper pull, or pintle hook trailer hitch. The truck allegedly completed a trip from Maryland and South Carolina last year.

The owner reports that the living section in the back is a custom build from the previous owner. He and his wife used the truck for towing a drag race car and for traveling. 

The space isn’t luxurious but is fully featured. There’s a sitting space with two bench seats that fold to make a bed, a wall-mounted TV, a sink, a microwave, a toilet, and a shower. The water tanks hold 80 gallons. A propane heater keeps things warm. The truck has an inverter and a shore power electric hookup. The setup would be fine for a weekend at the dragstrip or staying overnight during a road trip. 

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The seller notes issues with the vehicle, like a small amount of water damage on the floor. The driver’s door handle is broken.

The photos in the original Craigslist listing (linked below) are low resolution but show some other perspectives. There’s a door on the rear for entering the living area. The back section has indoor/outdoor carpeting, meaning someone could use it as a small porch when camping. A tiny ladder provides easier access when entering or exiting the vehicle.

We first discovered this motorhome during an episode of‘s Rambling About Cars podcast, check it out below: