2023 Ford F-150 Roush Owner Isn’t Happy Exhaust Doesn’t Set Off Car Alarms

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When you see a Roush-tuned Ford F-150 on the streets, it’s generally hard to miss. That’s highlighted as one of the things this 2023 Roush owner enjoys most about the pickup, which was purchased new and recently rolled 5,000 miles. With some time on the road, we’re treated to an honest owner’s review, and folks, it doesn’t get more truck yeah than a Roush F-150 driver unhappy about not setting off car alarms with the exhaust.

This video review comes from Matt Mantell on YouTube, and the takeaway is that he’s pretty happy behind the wheel of his Ford. This particular Roush is based on an F-150 XLT trim, packing the 5.0-liter V8 engine that in this instance isn’t supercharged. It does, however, have an upgraded active exhaust system but it’s not as aggressive as Mantell’s previous Roush pickup, a 2017 model.

“I remember my 2017, when I started it a couple of times next to another car … it was so aggressive,” he said in the video. “It would actually set off peoples’ car alarms that were parked next to me. This one just doesn’t have that.”

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He mentions the exhaust as “a bit of a dislike,” though he goes on to specify that it’s less aggressive at idle and while cruising, but still plenty loud under throttle. With 15.6 showing on the instrument cluster as his average miles per gallon, we suspect he’s enjoying the skinny pedal from time to time. That’s just under the EPA’s city rating of 16 MPG. On the flip side of this, he absolutely enjoys the active exhaust feature as he can quiet the truck down to chat with people in the cab.

And while he does like the truck, it doesn’t feel as involving to drive as his 2017 model. Equipped with driver-assist features like lane centering and radar cruise control, he says there’s more of a feeling that you’re not really driving the truck. Also, relegating some functions like vent settings to the touchscreen isn’t appealing either. To be fair, these are criticisms we’ve often encountered on social media from truck owners. And to also be fair towards automakers, we continue to see pickup trucks awash with tactile controls amid an era of digital glass cockpits filled with touchscreens.

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That said, he loves the big center screen in the 2023 F-150. It’s a 12-inch display, and on the outside, the LED running lights and ultra-bright corner lamps are a big plus. However, it all comes at a “stupid expensive” price that isn’t fully disclosed in the video. He says the Roush upfit was $20,000, and a quick check at Ford’s website shows a starting price of $41,940 for the 2023 F-150 XLT. As such, this video likely shows a $60,000-plus truck, and that’s assuming there wasn’t a dealer markup involved. Yes, Mantell bought it. But he’s not thrilled by the cost.

His video review covers all kinds of tidbits about the truck, but lest we forget, a revised 2024 F-150 is right around the corner. You can watch it debut live at 7:30 PM EDT today, right here at Motor1.com.

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