$160K Bruder EXP-7 Off-Road Camping Trailer Features 12-Inches Of Wheel Travel

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Bruder is an Australian company that specializes in building trailers for owners who need to haul gear off-road. The EXP-7 is its latest offering and features an air suspension that provides up to 12 inches of travel. Prices in the United States start at $160,250, but the builder plans to adjust this figure to match the 235,000 Australian dollar price for the businesses home market.

Two models of the EXP-7 are available. The GT has a pop-up roof and sleeps up to four people. The PT has a permanently raised top that provides space for six occupants. The trailer has an unladen weight of 5,291 pounds and a max weight with payload of 7,716 pounds.

Bruder EXP-7 Trailer

The adaptive suspension is robust enough to hold up the trailer with just two wheels in place if the owner suffers a tire puncture while off the grid, the person can keep going without being stranded. 

The roof holds 1,245 watts of solar cells that provide power to 10 kilowatt-hours of batteries.

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The trailer carries 52.8 gallons of fresh water and 19.8 gallons of gray water. There’s even an available feature to fill up from a lake or stream. An owner could use this liquid for tasks like washing off gear.

A two-way slide-out kitchen allows for preparing meals either outside or inside the trailer through an opening panel on the side. The amenities include an exterior fridge and an induction cooktop. There’s even access to a washing machine at the back. The sink, microwave, and a second fridge are in the cabin.

The main bed is at the front of the trailer. There are windows on each side and a skylight above the sleepers.

We previously saw the much smaller Bruder EXP-4 camping trailer. It has a single axle and a suspension with four remote canister mono-tube shocks, providing up to 12 inches of wheel travel. There are ventilated disc brakes, too.

The interior has a California King bed and a second, smaller mattress. The rear section opens to expose the kitchen, including a sink and fridge. The EXP-4 starts at $76,500 in the US.

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