Great Scott! DeLorean BTTF RC Car Has Lights, Sounds, And Smoke

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The original Back to the Future movie introduces the audience to the time-traveling DeLorean in the Twin Pines Mall parking lot. Piloted by remote control, it hits 88 miles per hour, transporting itself forward in time. Now YouTuber jeremyspoint has created a 1/8 scale RC version of the car from an Eaglemoss model kit and recreated that timeless scene. 

The Eaglemoss die-cast metal kit includes detailed scale versions of the time machine’s interior and exterior hardware, including the nuclear reactor, cables, time circuits, and even the flux capacitor. All of the lights illuminate, including the time travel equipment. The front wheels turn, and both the gullwing doors and frunk open. At 21 inches long, it is an impressively detailed scale model of the original DeLorean time machine.   

Eaglemoss originally offered the DeLorean kit in a monthly subscription program that totaled over $1,271. The conversion to an RC car was no easy task, especially while retaining all of the functioning details of the model. In addition to assembling the intricate scale parts, modifications were required to remotely operate the steering and wheels, converting the DeLorean kit for remote operation. 

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The results are impressive. In addition to building the most realistic 1/8 scale RC BTTF DeLorean we’ve seen, jeremyspoint created a video reenacting the Twin Pines Mall scene, complete with lights, sounds, and visual effects. He also filmed a video showing how he converted the Eaglemoss kit into a working RC car. 

Even though the last Back to the Future movie premiered 33 years ago, the franchise remains extremely popular. In addition to the Eaglemoss scale model, there’s a Lego kit with pieces to modify the time machine, matching the version in each of the films. There’s also a musical based on the first movie and a limited edition timepiece made from John Delorean’s personal DMC-12 car.  

As for the DeLorean Motor Company, the latest iteration plans on building new EV vehicles, including the gullwing Alpha5 four-passenger coupe. The company also presented three other concepts last year, including an Alpha2 sports car and an Apha4 SUV.

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