Bentley Continental GT Spied Leaving Luxurious Tire Marks At The Nurburgring

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It’s been a minute since we last saw a Bentley Continental GT prototype out and about. And you know what? If waiting a few months means getting a video of a car power sliding through corners at the Nurburgring, we’re happy to wait.

And that’s exactly what we get here from CarSpyMedia on YouTube. The Continental GT isn’t exactly a lightweight, but the driver behind the wheel of this prototype doesn’t seem to care a teeny bit. Unfortunately, Bentley’s penchant for quiet cars combined with the roar of other vehicles on the track makes it tough to hear what’s under the hood. And just when you think you hear something mid-corner, the sound of tires being tortured covers it up. Sources tell us a hybrid twin-turbocharged V8 is likely, and the precious moments where we actually hear an exhaust note suggests that’s what we have here.

Less ambiguous are the design changes coming for this refresh. As before, we can see a slightly smaller grille up front, flanked by familiar-yet-different round headlights that evoke a Bacalar vibe. The placement is changed slightly as well, with the lights appearing lower. They sit atop a mildly redesigned fascia with new corner vents, and at the back, the updated Continental GT will have slightly larger taillights and a tweaked fascia. Oval exhaust tips still hold station at the bottom.

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Inside, the updated Continental GT is still a mystery. We believe small updates are likely, especially when it comes to the infotainment system. The current generation debuted in 2017 for the 2018 model year, and while the greenhouse is certainly luxurious, the layout is a bit dated in a world of digital cockpits.

As for power, we already mentioned the V8 hybrid, and we’re told a V6 hybrid will be offered as well. There’s no indication at the time of the mighty W12 joining the party, nor do we have a timeline for when the refreshed Continental will officially debut. Considering we’ve seen prototypes on the road for over a year now, a reveal could be weeks or even days away.