Watch Abandoned Fourth-Gen Mustang Get Cleaning To Shine Again

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The fourth-generation Ford Mustang is a classic car because production began nearly 30 years ago, in October 1993. The one in this video somehow ended up abandoned in a barn. While people weren’t driving the pony car, mice made the vehicle their home.

The way the light in the barn hits the Mustang looks straight out of a movie. Rays fall on the car so that your eyes can’t help but focus on it. The body is in excellent condition, besides the layer of dirt and grime on top of the red paint.

Once the folks from WD Detailing get the Mustang into the shop, the guys discover a surprise in the trunk. Two mice are living in there. Before the cleaning can start, the detailers use humane traps to catch the rodents. There’s also a massive mouse nest in the glove box that extends into the dashboard.

Cleaning the outside of the Mustang isn’t too hard. The detailers thoroughly wash the body, including using a clay bar. Then, they apply a ceramic coating.

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The guys also try to get the engine running. It briefly fires to life with some starting fluid. The car isn’t able to idle, though. 

The interior is filthy. The cleaning process includes removing the seats and vacuuming the carpet. Shampooing the floor makes a huge difference. The chairs receive a similar treatment.

The Mustang looks fabulous after the detailing. You could almost imagine it sitting in a showroom in the mid-1990s. Now, a mechanic needs to get the engine running.

The fourth-gen Mustang went on sale for the 1994 model year and was a massive change over the third-gen Fox body model’s more wedge-shaped look. Various V6 and V8 engines were available during the model run. A styling refresh arrived for the 1999 model year. It lasted until 2004, and the retro-inspired fifth-gen came in 2005.

A new generation of the Ford Mustang is coming very soon. Learn more about it from this episode of Rambling About Cars.

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