Mercedes-AMG GT S Used During Winter Gets The Clean It Deserves

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Winter is tough on cars. Extreme cold depresses tire pressure and sucks energy from the battery. The oil thickens, and the antifreeze may freeze. Then there’s snow, ice, and mud, in addition to the sand and salt used to treat roads. That’s why some people ride winter shakers. But while most people’s winter car is a Subaru or an SUV, one hero drives a 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT S across a frozen landscape.

In charge of cleaning it, Detail Geek called it “the world’s most expensive winter beater”. That’s probably an exaggeration since we’re talking about a Mercedes-AMG GT S and not a $3,000 rust bucket. But considering that most owners hide their supercars under cover in a climate-controlled garage, there’s something admirable about someone driving their supercar all year round.

Dirt-coated black exterior. Inside, the red leather interior is surprisingly clean, except for some trash and what looks like dog hair. Black mud pools on the floor as Geek Detail starts by rinsing his body. He blew out the jammed door before starting work on the wheels, scrubbing the rims and tires. Next, he covered the entire car in soap and used a detailing brush on the exterior trim and hardware.

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Then on to the interior, starting with the floor mat, followed by vacuuming the carpet. A soft detail brush removes dirt and dust from trim and hard-to-reach areas. Finally, Geek Details cleaned and conditioned the leather upholstery before wiping it all down.

One thing this Mercedes-AMG GT does have is a ceramic coating which protects the paintwork and makes it easier to wash. However, it’s a good idea to apply a silica spray sealant every four to six weeks to maximize paint protection and extend the life of the ceramic coating.

The end result is a car that looks like it’s never seen snow or any kind of bad weather. The transformation isn’t quite as dramatic as the abandoned Pontiac G6 or Hurricane Ian’s flooded BMW M Roadster, but the difference is stark.

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