Kia Teases 2023 Super Bowl Commercial With … Dot?

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Friends, it’s that time of year once again. Super Bowl LVII (57 for those who don’t know the roman numerals beyond X, V, and I) is imminent, and that means creative Super Bowl commercials are about to hit the digital airwaves. Kia is returning for a special Big Game commercial this year, and to be honest, the teaser image showing the dot without context has us scratching our heads.

Actually, it’s not completely without context. Photo showing blue dots on tile floor with a simple statement: Find it at 2.12.23. That’s this year’s Super Bowl date, and Discover suggesting we’ll see someone try to figure out where this little thing went. Logic suggests it’s going to be a parent or a baby, but with Super Bowl commercials typically costing millions of dollars for a 30-second spot, it better be something is it right interesting.

Maybe a self-aware Kia EV6 will look for dots using the radar system? Or maybe last year’s adorable robo dog could reappear to help out with its new family. We’ll be fine with that, and hey, dogs and babies are pure gold in the marketing world, right?

This is certainly one of the most foreign teasers we’ve seen from the automaker, but we’ll give Kia the benefit of the doubt. The South Korean company has 13 previous Super Bowl commercials in its portfolio, and for the most part, they were pretty good. In addition to the aforementioned robo dog spot, we were reminded of Melissa McCarthy’s 2017 mission to save the world while driving a Kia Niro. In 2013, a tire-kicking guy got the biggest wedgie atom ever in the hand of a grumpy robotic model showing off the Forte. But Kia is also tugging at the heartstrings as we’ve seen in 2020, with a nod to Georgia where the Telluride is built.

Will the 2023 Kia commercial be funny, or thought-provoking, heart-warming, or just plain cute? Whatever the case, you can expect more teasers before the ad airs on February 12.