Toyota Corolla Turned Into Musical Instrument Is Why We Pay For The Internet

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If you’re unfamiliar with the “Man Plays” channel on YouTube, and you probably are, it’s about a talented person who turns common items into musical instruments. After a bicycle, tree, bread, and even a toilet, it was time for a car to be repurposed and serve as the basis for an oddly catchy song. The sedan in question is an old Toyota that appears to have been decommissioned for a long time judging by the sad state of its body.

This rust bucket is an eighth-generation, pre-facelift Corolla (E110) very unlikely to ever get back on the road. The sheer number of leaves around the engine bay tells us it’s been left for dead but it’s temporarily out of retirement by getting a new lease on life to serve as a musical instrument. Who knew a set of drumsticks could make this ol’ Toyota sound this good?

We don’t know when the album is coming out but it would be a day-one purchase for us. Hopefully, the other songs will make use of the car’s horn and door chimes as well as engine and exhaust sounds for a bit more variety. For now, this is a decent first effort, though Toyota’s own GR Corolla hot hatch sounds a wee bit better.

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You’d be surprised to find out this isn’t an original idea as it’s been done before, many years ago. As a matter of fact, the video posted on YouTube back in January 2009 also featured a Corolla. Aptly named the “Corolla Song,” it took a different approach by using the creator’s body to create “music.” You can see it in the video below.