Japan Police Has This Specially Equipped Toyota Land Cruiser

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Toyota Land Cruisers outfitted for police duties have been deployed in specific regions worldwide, with the SUV’s domestic market being one of them. In the Saga Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, the J100 series model serves as a patrol car. It features a black-and-white color scheme as is the case with marked police patrol vehicles in Japan, along with a roof light bar, and additional flashing lights within the front bumper.

You may have noticed that the front Toyota badge is concealed beneath a different logo depicting a flower. The grille ornament showcases a chrysanthemum, representing the Imperial Seal of Japan—a Japanese mon (emblem) used by the Emperor of Japan and members of the Imperial Family.

Most of the modifications are found inside the vehicle. Alongside the standard police radio and communication setup and buttons to control the siren and lights, there’s a fire extinguisher positioned in front of the passenger seat. Attached to the glove box is a small knife for cutting down branches from trees growing on the side of the road.

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On the passenger side of the dashboard, there’s a power outlet designed for charging the searchlight. Additionally, two folding tables are attached to the back of the front seats. In the cargo area, various boxes carry essential items used at accident scenes, including a traffic safety baton light and another stick that emits a loud emergency signal to alert oncoming drivers. The inventory also includes traffic cones, a walking distance meter, and a container with a neutralizing agent for oil spills.

Turn on the subtitles for the video below.

The choice of the Land Cruiser with the 4.7-liter V8 engine for this role is easily understandable. These vehicles are known for their practicality, reliability, and true go-anywhere capabilities. In winter, this SUV is equipped with snow chains. Toyota Japan notes that these police cars are relatively rare in the country and this one will continue to serve in tourist areas throughout the year.

The J100 Land Cruiser was made between early 1998 and mid-2007. The one highlighted by Toyota is a facelifted version, but there was another update later in the vehicle’s life cycle.

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