The New Rivian R2 Gets A Kitchen And A Rooftop Tent

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Rivian delivered an unexpected one-two punch yesterday at the unveiling of the R2 where it took everyone by surprise with the even smaller R3. However, the first order of business is to kick off deliveries of its long-awaited Tesla Model Y rival, but that won’t happen until the first half of 2026. When it does eventually hit the streets, the R2 will be compatible with a series of nifty accessories.

Much like the bigger R1T pickup and R1S SUV, the latest entry in Rivian’s growing lineup caters to outdoorsy people with a bunch of optional goodies. For example, the Travel Kitchen bundles a water tank, a cooler, an induction cooktop with additional storage and even a cookware set. Rivian will throw in some hanging lights for when you’re cooking at night in the middle of nowhere.

Alternatively, the small kitchen can make way for a detachable cargo box with handles on the sides and tiny wheels to carry it around. It’s good for items that would otherwise make a mess inside the car, kind of like a tiny portable pickup truck bed. The interior is also great at storing stuff since not only you can fold flat the rear bench but also both front seats. Oh, and there’s a front trunk as well.

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What else? The cargo box on the roof is nothing to write home about but Rivian can swap it for a so-called Treehouse. It’s a boxy rooftop tent that comes bundles with a ladder for ease of access. Installed at the rear, the bike mount is hooked up to the R2 without having to use tools and it can store two bikes. While some cars have built-in umbrella holders in the driver’s door, the electric SUV uses that space for a flashlight.

Although undoubtedly an interesting EV, the new Rivian R2 will sadly take its sweet time to hit the market. It’s especially true in Europe (including the UK) where it won’t go on sale until 2027. In the United States, prices will start at around $45,000 but you’ll be paying more for these accessories. Logic tells us the Euro version will be more expensive given the value-added tax (VAT).

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