Lamborghini Trademarks Huracán STJ, Hinting At One Last Hurrah For The V10

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The Lamborghini Huracán might be getting one more variant before it goes out of production. Recent trademark filings in Europe uncovered by reveal the company has reserved the “Huracan STJ” name. The filings also disclosed a logo that could denote this new, previously unknown Huracán variant.

The company announced in May 2023 that the Huracan was sold out, with the remaining production run set to be complete in 2024. So if the STJ is real, don’t expect a massive run of cars. And if you want one, it’s already too late.

If we had to guess, the new variant is likely a track-ready or track-only version of the already-hardcore Huracán STO. The STJ logo design in the patent is similar to the SVJ badge used for the most track-focused variant of the Aventador.

The Huracan STJ could sit between the STO and hotter GT3 race car, offering track-only performance in a more comfortable and complete package. The STO packs a 630-horsepower naturally aspirated V10 that can send the supercar to 62 miles per hour in 3.0 seconds. We predict the STJ will likely stick with that powertrain setup.

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The STJ will like likely be the last of its kind. Lamborghini launched the Huracan a decade ago, with the Italian brand is readying its replacement for a 2024 debut. The Huracan successor will almost certainly feature a downsized engine, most likely a twin-turbocharged V8, and plug-in hybrid technology.