The New Renault 5 Has A Baguette Holder And Other Quirks

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If you feel like today’s cars are all the same and lack character, you’ll love the new Renault 5. It’s far more than just an electric throwback to the R5 that Americans know as the Le Car. For its rebirth, the engineers have crammed a lot of cool features in such a small car. Feeding the stereotype about French people and their love for bread, the new EV comes with a baguette holder.

This isn’t a joke; it says right there in the press release: “Renault 5 E-Tech Electric will also be the very first car specifically equipped to carry baguettes from the bakers. No more flour or crumbs on your lovely upholstery!” Mounted to the right of the center console, the woven wicker basket was designed with help from French basket-maker Marguerite Herlant. The nifty accessory reminds us of the Volkswagen Beetle’s bud vase.

Renault 5 interesting detail

Renault 5 gear shifter shaped like a lipstick case

Renault 5 interesting detail

Renault 5 3D-printed storage compartment

There’s so much more about the new R5 than a place to store your baguette. For example, the gear selector mounted on the steering column resembles a lipstick case. Renault calls it an “e-pop shifter” with a customizable tip featuring compatible accessories to choose from. The car’s owner can easily swap the edge of the shifter by using something pointy, just like removing a SIM/microSD tray holder from a smartphone.

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There are no fewer than 104 accessories available for the 2024 Renault 5, including 3D-printed cubby spaces and a central organizer. One of the available designs has the “1972” logo as a nod to the year when the original R5 went on sale. Others have retro and modern takes on the “5” logo.

Retrolicious details include the blocky dashboard design with vertical stitching on the passenger side. Inspired by the R5 Turbo hot hatchback, the upholstery has an interesting “H” pattern that extends to the three-seat rear bench. There’s also a lot of denim fabric made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles.

Renault 5 interesting detail

Renault 5 battery charge indicator light on the hood

Renault 5 interesting detail

Renault 5 square LED daytime running lights

The exterior is chock-full of interesting details as well. For example, the hood has an illuminated panel with the “5” motif that serves as a battery charge indicator. It automatically lights up when the driver approaches the car. In addition, the droopy headlights wink as the welcome sequence. Speaking of the lights, the rectangular LED daytime running lights in the bumper are a nod to the fog lights of the old R5 Turbo.

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What else? There’s a French flag embedded into the headlights while the wheels have an old-school 5 logo instead of Renault’s diamond. Customers can also get a bunch of decals for the roof and front doors. The overall styling takes after previous-generation models with their vertical taillights and the R5 Turbo’s boxy fenders. You can get a different set of wheels with the Renault badge, along with a contrasting upper red strip.

2023 Alpine A290_β concept
2023 Alpine A290_β concept
2023 Alpine A290_β concept

Although a new Turbo is not planned since the R5 is completely electric, a high-performance derivative is in the works. Debuting later this year, the Alpine A290 will pack a greater punch than the 150 horsepower and 181 pound-feet (245 Newton-meters) of torque reserved for the range-topping Renault 5.

The French have more interesting cars on the way since the Renault 4 is also coming back, as evidenced by the 4ever concept. In addition, a totally redesigned Twingo is planned. Both will adopt what Renault calls “retrofuturistic” styling by blending design cues from previous generations with an avant-garde approach – as nicely executed here on the R5.

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