Range Rover Won’t Make Wheels Bigger Than 23 Inches

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As cars get bigger, heavier, and more hulking, so too do the wheels that help carry them. The Chevrolet Silverado EV—a 5,450-pound behemoth at its bulkiest—has the first 24-inch wheels from the factory, while other automakers are moving to 22- and 23-inch shoes as necessary.

But some companies are too scared to slap anything bigger than 23-inchers on its cars. Land Rover said in a recent interview with CarThrottle that it won’t go bigger than that. “23 seems to be about the limit,” JLR’s Vehicle Engineering Director, Matt Becker, told the website. “You wouldn’t want to go much bigger than that… I don’t see many 24-inch wheels.”

For a company so synonymous with high-end luxury, it’s surprising that 23 inches is the limit, especially with a new electric Range Rover on the way. That said, the new Range Rover Sport SV does have 23-inch carbon fiber wheel—the biggest of its kind and an option that Range Rover says has been an early hit with buyers.

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2024 Range Rover Sport SV
2024 Range Rover Sport SV

“We are building the carbon wheels as fast as we can,” Jamal Hameedi, SV’s Brand Director said in the same interview. “It’s been off the chart… carbon is the best option.”

While carbon fiber wheels can be controversial for their fragility—especially at 23 inches—they do shave off about 80 pounds total (20 pounds each) from the total curb weight compared to the normal forged units. Any weight savings are helpful for a car that tips the scales at nearly 6,000 pounds.

If you do decide that a $181,775 Range Rover Sport SV is your next purchase, you’ll have to pay extra for those carbon fiber shoes. Range Rover asks an extra £6,900 (about $8,700) for the lighter wheel option.

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