Driver Somehow Survives Delivery Van Being Cut In Half By Train

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Back in 2021, Alexander Evans miraculously walked away from a horrific crash. A train sliced his Amazon delivery van in half just behind the front seats, and a new video shows the carnage from inside the vehicle.

The crash happened when Evans attempted to navigate an awkward intersection and crossed unguarded railroad tracks. He didn’t see or hear the approaching train, noticing it too late as it hit right behind him, ripping through the van and triggering the airbags.

The video shows the impact violently knocking Evans around inside, his purple cap flying off his head. You can see the train speeding behind him at what looks to be 40 or 50 miles per hour just feet from where he’s sitting. He was able to unbuckle himself, with the video ending as he rummaged through the interior. He was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

While the front of the van stayed put, the back stuck to the front of the train. Another angle shows what happened out the front of the delivery vehicle, highlighting the awkward intersection before the impact. Evans is lucky to have walked away. It can’t get much closer than that. 

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