Next-Gen Mazda6 Planned As Four-Door Coupe With RWD, Inline-Six: Report

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Rumors of a rear-wheel-drive Mazda6 have been swirling around for years but the Zoom-Zoom company is still selling the same midsize sedan it has had in its lineup since 2012. In addition, Mazda Europe development and engineering boss Joachim Kunz said in an interview back in March 2022 that the new platform will not be used to underpin a next-gen 6. He went on to mention a large sports coupe is also not on the agenda.

Although he admitted it “would be very nice” to have a sedan with RWD and an inline-six engine, market trends dictate people prefer SUVs. Officially, there’s no Mazda sedan with six cylinders sending power to the rear currently in development. Unofficially, the rumor mill from Japan’s Best Car magazine claims there has been a change of heart. Why? Not because of a sudden hike in the popularity of sedans but rather thanks to the strong customer response to the new large SUVs that use this hardware. 

The early success of the CX-60 and CX-90 (with CX-70 and CX-80 on the way) has apparently prompted the high-ranked Mazda officials to give their stamp of approval for a large new sedan. However, take this speculation with the proverbial pinch of salt since reports from Japan don’t always come true. According to Best Car, the car will not be a traditional sedan but rather a sleek four-door coupe serving as the “culmination of Kodo design” instead of an all-new styling direction.

Revealed back in 2017, the Vision Coupe pictured here is still achingly gorgeous, so we have confidence in Mazda to pen a pretty car. Speaking of Vision concepts, the RX-Vision and the more recent Vision Study have also been a feast for the eyes.

According to the same report, the new 6 won’t be introduced before 2025. Meanwhile, the current model is still available in some markets, complete with a 20th Anniversary Edition to mark two decades since the original 6 was introduced.

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