Watch Three-Year Camper Van Conversion Come Together In 36 Minutes

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It took three years for these folks to convert this Fiat Ducato van into a camper. This video condenses the construction down to 36 minutes so you can see how it goes from a cargo hauler to a high-tech motorhome.

The project starts by stripping parts off the van. The builders add a coating to the underbody, fenders, and side sills. The rest of the body gets a greenish-gray coat of paint. Cutting into the body makes space for adding windows and skylights. A custom-built water tank mounts underneath the vehicle.

The interior receives insulation on the floor and walls. The builders engineer a power bed lift to make it easier to unload the couple’s e-bikes out of the back. The kitchenette includes a tiny oven and refrigerator. Magnetic panels hold knives and other utensils. There are also some clever storage solutions, like a cubby for holding laptops. A fully reclining chair offers a spot to relax.

The roof features solar panels that can tilt upward to maximize their effectiveness. This also makes the skylights more functional by not blocking the sunlight from entering the cabin.

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What makes this van so impressive is that it is all custom. The build starts as a cargo vehicle with an open rear. From there, the couple outfits the rig to become a motorhome that can take them on outdoor adventures.

The builders are selling the complete plans for this build for $125. It includes the parts list, 3D models, and custom water tank instructions. There’s also access to the couple’s Van Design Course.

In the United States, the Fiat Ducato is the Ram ProMaster van, and it’s also a frequently used platform for building motorhomes. For example, Winnebago introduced the Solis Pocket 36B using this model as the basis in July 2023. The model has a compact floor plan that packs a dinette and a wet bath into the small space. The shower is at the back, which means owners can open the rear doors to enjoy getting clean while enjoying the outdoors.

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