Next-Gen Peugeot 5008 Spied For The First Time With Boxy Shape

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The Peugeot 5008 was launched originally back in July 2009 when it was introduced to the world in the form of a mid-size multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). A facelift from October 2013 brought upgraded engines and a revamped exterior design but it wasn’t until September 2016 that the model was reclassified as a mid-size SUV. The second-generation 5008 was simply a seven-seat version of the 3008 crossover but for the third generation, the two SUVs will feature many more differences than before as these new spy photos confirm.

What you see depicted in the gallery below is a test prototype of the third-generation 5008 and this is actually our very first look at the overhauled crossover. Our early impressions are that Peugeot won’t change its shape drastically compared to its predecessor and will keep its boxy forms which benefit the interior space. Meanwhile, the French manufacturer is currently putting the finishing touches on the closely related 3008, which will morph into a sleeker-looking high-riding machine with a sloped roofline.

There is no trace of a sloped roofline in the new 5008 as the profile of the vehicle’s roof remains almost completely flat from the A-pillar to the rear window. This is due to the fact that this model is Peugeot’s three-row offering in the SUV segment where headroom is vital for the two seats at the back. It is too early to confirm whether the new model will be larger than its predecessor but from these early spy photos, it seems that the wheelbase is a tad longer than the 111.8 inches of the outgoing 5008.

As to what is under the hood, we can say that this isn’t an all-electric vehicle. If you take a closer look underneath the rear bumper, you’ll see part of the exhaust system with a pipe pointing toward the ground. This is a hint that this prototype is probably powered by a diesel engine and if this is indeed the case, it is most likely either a 1.5-liter or a 2.0-liter compression ignition mill. However, Peugeot has already confirmed there will be a zero-emissions version of the new 5008, which will ride on the STLA Medium platform and will accommodate 87-104 kWh battery packs.

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Before unveiling the 5008, the French automaker will first debut the smaller 3008. Given its planned premiere in September this year, we expect the three-row model to arrive around the middle of next year.