Watch Subaru’s Six Adorable New Dog Commercials For Crosstrek, Impreza

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Subaru brings back the Barkley family of golden retrievers and a golden labrador for a new series of six ads. These dogs have often been the canine stars for the automaker’s “Dog Tested. Dog Approved.” commercial campaign.

On Repeat (embedded above) is an ad for the Crosstrek and takes on a situation that’s familiar to many parents of young kids. An annoying children’s song is playing over the radio. As soon as it ends, the puppy in the backseat begins whining to hear the tune again.

Glamping Trip has the dogs going camping in an Ascent. Two dalmatians are in a tent. The Barkleys show up towing a stylish dog house on a trailer. It comes complete with lights, flowers, and even a fire hydrant.

In Toys, two of the younger dogs make a mess in the driveway and yard by scattering their playthings. The adult golden retriever pulls into the driveway, creating a cacophony by running over the squeakers. The voiceover touts the Forester’s ability to “tackle unexpected terrain.” 

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College has one of the pups about to leave for the university. The cargo in the Impreza RS has a few jokes, like a box that displays “Treats Treats Treats.” Other luggage includes bowls and tennis balls. The labrador chases after the car driving away at the end of the ad.

Everybody In is another camping-themed ad. This time the Barkleys are in a Crosstrek Wilderness with a roof-mounted tent. The dogs aren’t the only creatures that want in the sleeping area, though. The commercial opens with the canines running up a ramp. A skunk is following them. A flap comes down to prevent the stinky creature from getting inside.

Bikers is a commercial for the Outback. The Barkleys park in front of a restaurant and find a bunch of dogs on motorcycles. The puppy barks at them, and a tiny pup wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses yaps back.

Subaru has delivered 354,481 from January through July 2023. This is up 16 percent from the same period in 2022.

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The Outback is Subaru’s bestselling offering in the first seven months of 2023 moving 93,833 units. The Crosstrek is in second place with a volume of 87,371 examples, and the Forester is the next most popular at 75,814 vehicles.