Lamborghini Sterrato Driver Needs Snorkel For Off-Roading On Day One Of Ownership

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What’s the proper break-in method for a new car? In the automotive world, that’s the equivalent of starting a discussion on politics so we aren’t going to propose an answer. Instead, let’s watch a video of a person who is decidedly in the break-it-in hard camp. And we aren’t talking about a modestly priced compact SUV either. This is a $280,000 Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato that goes from showroom to mountain stream in about three minutes.

Rather, it’s three minutes in this video from Ron on YouTube. We’re sure the actual trip from the Lamborghini dealership in Salt Lake City, Utah, to the great outdoors took a bit longer. It wasn’t much longer though, because the driver took delivery of the car and immediately headed for the hills. “Literally within the next hour this will have mud all over it,” he said while at the dealership. “I’m taking it out right now.” And 93 miles later, the Lambo left paved roads behind.

To be fair, off-road in this instance appears to be a relatively well-maintained dirt road that looks passable by almost any car. In fact, the driver comments about the amount of traffic on the road, and at one point, we see a Toyota Corolla sharing space on the dirt. Of course, that Corolla doesn’t have a 602-horsepower V10 driving all four wheels, and it certainly doesn’t cost upwards of $300,000. But this is exactly how Lamborghini presented the Sterrato to the world, tacking less-traveled roads with knobby tires and a bit more ground clearance.

However, we suspect Lamborghini didn’t envision sending the Sterrato through a stream. This comes later in the video, at a point where it appears the road becomes a bit less car-friendly. It’s a fairly shallow stream, but still, one doesn’t see a Lamborghini Huracan fording water every day. And it seems the supercar had no issues with the unconventional break-in period, as the video concludes with the owner parked in front of a Bugatti, talking about how the Sterrato will be perpetually dirty in his care.

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Only 1,499 Huracan Sterratos are planned for production. As such, we suspect many will live a pampered life in cozy garages but at least one is being driven as Lamborghini intended.