2024 Kia K3 Sedan Teased Ahead Of August 8 Debut, Is It A Rio Or Forte?

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Kia has published a sole teaser image depicting the new K3 it plans to unveil on August 8 in Mexico City at 8 PM local time. If the “K3” name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s how the Forte / Cerato is known in some markets. However, this is where the story gets interesting as we’re hearing reports this 2024 K3 is not a direct replacement but rather a successor to the smaller Rio Sedan.

Of the two models, logic tells us the Rio will be the first to be renewed considering the fourth-generation model has been around since 2016 whereas the third-generation K3 / Forte / Cerato came out in 2018. Lest we forget that back in March this year, we published a set of spy shots (attached below) featuring a heavily camouflaged prototype of the four-door Rio. Putting two and two together, it is possible this new K3 will replace the Rio Sedan.

In fact, Kia confirmed back in April that it would debut the new Rio later in the year, so the timing seems just about right. It also said production is slated to kick off in the final quarter in Mexico, and seeing as how the debut will take place in Mexico City, it does seem this new K3 is a Rio.

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Kia shared the adjacent teaser image on its global media website, which might suggest K3 will be used globally going forward. This official preview raises more questions but whatever the case may be, we’re just glad the South Korean brand is still determined to sell cars rather than go all in on crossovers and SUVs.

However, Europeans might not get this new model. A report published by Autocar earlier this year claimed the Rio will be dropped from the Old Continent where the Stonic subcompact crossover is expected to serve as the indirect replacement.