Dodge Challenger Demon 170 Jailbreak Is Real, Offered Secretly To Select Buyers

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Dodge isn’t letting its Hemi-powered Challenger go quietly into the night. Numerous special editions mark the final year of production, with the bonkers 1,025-horsepower SRT Demon 170 being the exclamation point at the end of an all-caps sentence. That’s why we’re surprised to learn of a very quiet follow-up that, apparently, Dodge wanted to keep under wraps. It’s the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 Jailbreak.

News of this hush-hush special edition appeared at the forums, where some members reported seeing a special invite given to folks with a penchant for previous SRT purchases. According to forum member dgolay, approximately 20 to 25 people received invitations for the Jailbreak option, consists of badging and a choice of 40 special colors – 20 heritage or 20 modern. As for price, it’s allegedly a $30,000 add-on to the Demon 170’s $96,666 MSRP.

In an email to, a Dodge spokesperson confirmed the Jailbreak 170 and explained that the paint option is one-of-one. When a color is selected, it’s off the table. As for other details like a total production run, Dodge isn’t talking. Information at claims invitees included Jay Leno, Bill Goldberg, and Michael Strahan from the Hollywood scene. Dodge (and Ram as of July 1) CEO Tim Kuniskis is reportedly getting one, along with a handful of valued SRT buyers over the years.

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Here is the automaker’s official statement.

“The Jailbreak 170 is a celebration of the ultimate “Last Call” Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 shared with our most loyal muscle car customers. Select individuals were offered this exclusive paint option based on their new Dodge Charger and Challenger purchase history and Dodge brand affiliation. This one-of-one paint option will add an extra layer of customization and collectability to the record-breaking Challenger SRT Demon 170, and was made available on a limited basis to those who have meant so much to the latest era of Dodge muscle. The option is no longer being offered.”

First launched for 2022 model-year Chargers and Challengers, the Jailbreak option added a plethora of special color choices both outside and inside, along with various trim upgrades. It also came with a power boost to 807 hp for the Hellcat V8 engine under the hood. There are no reports of power upgrades for the Demon 170 Jailbreak, but considering it already packs a 1,025-hp punch, we highly doubt anyone in this extremely exclusive ownership circle cares one teeny bit.

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