See Fifth-Gen Honda Prelude SH Get First Wash In 10 Years

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Built from 1978 to 2001, the Honda Prelude was a front-wheel drive sports coupe based on the Honda Accord. While it gets overlooked by some enthusiasts who view the Acura Integra and Honda S2000 as more performance-oriented sports cars, the Prelude had a lot to offer, including a screaming 2.2-liter VTEC engine, a precise five-speed manual transmission, and quick reflexes. 

That’s why it’s nice to see this Honda Prelude SH get some love from the WD Detailing crew. Pulling it from hibernation after more than 10 years, they go to work, giving it a makeover. The Prelude is fairly clean, straight, and unmodified but does have some rust issues, particularly around the rear quarter panels. The SH trim level was the top of the line for the fifth and final generation of Prelude. It included an upgraded handling package with a stability­ control system Honda called the Active Torque Transfer System or ATTS. 

Like most WD Detailing videos, there’s always a surprise, whether it’s ants, a mouse house, or in this case, a dead bird in the footwell of the back seat. How a bird ended up in an enclosed car with the windows up is a mystery. But fortunately, it cleans up far easier than a rodent farm or an insect infestation. 

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One useful car cleaning tip shared in the video is to wash the wheels first. That may seem counter-intuitive, especially for people who wash their cars from top to bottom. However, WD Detailing says it’s more practical because it minimizes spraying dirt and grime from the wheels all over the just-cleaned paint. 

Overall the Prelude is in good shape with the exception of the rust. The interior is remarkably clean without any noticeable tears in the upholstery, and the dashboard is free of cracks or warping. According to the owner, the car ran when parked, which means the Prelude could make someone a nice, original 1990s sports coupe or a good platform for some serious performance upgrades.