Suzuki Vitara Quickly Surrounds Cone In Moose Test

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The Suzuki Vitara is one of the few subcompact crossovers available with a hybrid engine and all-wheel drive. In 2020, the model received new mild hybrid technology, which replaces the previous pure petrol factory for the European market. It’s not a particularly fast vehicle, of course, but you’d be surprised by how well the electrified Vitara does around corners.

The people above recently moose-tested a new Vitara equipped with this engine. The 1.4-liter mild hybrid powertrain under the hood produces 129 horsepower (95 kilowatts) and 173 pound-feet (235 Newton-meters) of torque. As a side note, the only subcompact crossover with all-wheel drive and a hybrid engine in Europe is the Toyota Yaris Cross. There is also the Suzuki S-Cross, but it is slightly larger and more expensive than the Vitara.

This particular car uses Continental EcoContact 5 tires size 215/55 R17. These are purely road tires with no off-road aspirations, meaning they should give the Vitara proper grip around the cones in the moose test.

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On the first try, the driver did not hit any cones at 46 miles per hour (74 kilometers per hour). Vitara remained calm and drivers said it was easy to maintain direction with the crossover’s direct steering. The electronic stability system is also very helpful in slowing down the vehicle and making it easier to control.

On the second attempt, speed increased slightly – and despite more notable oversteering – the car still made it through the test without hitting a cone. It was actually the top speed achieved – 47 mph (75 kph) – that the test passed with flying colors. Even in the failed attempt, however, Vitara continued to have predictable reactions and a general feeling of security. The subcompact crossover makes a better impression in the 18-meter slalom.

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