The New Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe Spies With Rear Seats And Charging Ports

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Mercedes-AMG has been spied upon putting the finishing touches on its next-generation GT Coupe in northern Europe. By “coupe” we mean that in a literal sense because this prototype is not the confusing GT 4-Door Coupe. The Porsche 911 competitor from Affalterbach was spotted taking a break between two test sessions, showing off its sleek production body painted AMG Green Hell Magno. As expected, it looks like an SL with a fixed roof.

A cutout on the undercover rear bumper reveals a cover for the charging port, revealing the prototype to have a plug-in hybrid setup. That square exhaust tip suggests this is a hotter version of the GT Coupe, so maybe packing a V8 under that long hood. AMG could find a way to cram the GT 63 SE Performance’s complex PHEV setup. If so, look for a colossal output of 843 horsepower and 1,084 pound-feet (1,470 Newton-meters) of torque.

If you’re wondering whether or not the second-generation AMG GT Coupe will remain a two-seater affair, one of the spy shots suggests it will be a more practical car. We can clearly see a pair of headrests in the rear seats, revealing the sports coupe will adopt a 2+2 layout to echo the SL roadster. The yellow “high voltage” sticker on the rear windshield reiterates that we’re dealing with a test vehicle powered by a plug-in hybrid setup.

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Don’t think the GT Coupe is just going to be an SL AMG-ified with a fixed top because it’s actually the other way around. The Sport Leicht was developed from day one by the performance division to replace the GT Roadster. Weight will be a concern given how the GT 63 SE Performance combines a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine with a 6.1 kWh battery pack and 204 hp electric motor. Even so, the GT Coupe with the same PHEV setup should be lighter given its smaller body.

With most cover-ups removed, expect an official reveal in the coming months. There should also be a lower version with a pure V8 setup and a more affordable inline-six model. Time will tell whether the SL43’s electric four-pot will serve as the basis for the entry-level GT Coupe.

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