2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E Discounted Price, GT Extended Range $5,900 Cheaper

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After Tesla slashed the price of the Model 3 and Model Y, Ford slashed the MSRP of its Mustang Mach-E. Blue Oval announced new, lower prices across its entire model range today. However, according to the automaker’s consumer website, the price cut coincided with a $200 increase in destination fees. Although the new 2023 price is cheaper, it is still higher than the 2022 price.

The 2023 Mustang Mach-E Select RWD Standard Range will now cost $47,495 (price includes a $1,500 destination fee), $700 less than before, and that includes adjustments for a new fee. The top-tier GT Extended Range with the GT Performance Package now costs $71,495, $5,900 less than before. However, that drops to $5,700 when taking into account the higher destination fees. You can see a full breakdown of the prices below:

ModelNew 2023 MSRP (Including $1,500 Goal)Past 2023 MSRP (Including $1,300 Goal)2022 MSRP (Including $1100 Goal)
Select RWD Standard Range$47,495$48,195$44,995
Select the eAWD Standard Range$50,495$50,895$47,695
RWD Premium Standard Range$52,495$56,275$50,200
Premium eAWD Standard Range$55,495$58,975$52,900
California Route 1 eAWD Extended Range$59,495$64,275$56,575
RWD Premium Extended Reach$59,495$64,875$56,200
Premium eAWD Extended Range$62,495$67,575$58,900
Extended GT Range$65,495$71,195$63,095
GT Extended Range With GT Performance Package$71,495$77,195$69,095
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Mach-E customers who are waiting for delivery will automatically receive the adjusted price. Ford will retroactively apply the new pricing to any customer vehicles with a sales date after January 1, 2023, who already own the car. Ford will directly reach customers.

Ford also lowered the price of the Extended Range Battery option, which is $8,600. It now costs $7,000, making upgrading to the larger battery option a bit more affordable. The Nite Pony Appearance Package and GT Performance Pack prices remained unchanged at $800 and $6,000, respectively.

Ford’s price cut comes as the automaker plans to increase production of the Mach-E in a bid to reduce wait times. The automaker has been buying batteries and raw materials to increase production of every EV it makes. Ford Model E Chief Customer Officer Marin Gjaja alerts our sister site Insideevs.com that the automaker plans to increase production to 130,000 Mach-E crossovers a year. That would be a sizeable increase from the 78,000 that rolled off the assembly line today.

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