Driveway Accidents Remind Us All Of The Importance Of The Parking Brake

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The parking brake, also known as the handbrake, is an important component in ensuring the safety of a car and its occupants. They are designed to keep the vehicle in place while parked and prevent it from tipping over or shifting unexpectedly. The use of the parking brake has been emphasized by experts and safety organizations, as it plays an important role in reducing accidents and avoiding damage to the vehicle or surrounding property.

When the car is parked on a slope or incline, extra safety measures are required to prevent it from tipping over. The parking brake helps keep the car in place and protects it from moving unexpectedly.

That fact has disappeared from the minds of two Brazilian furniture assemblers, as seen in the incident that occurred on January 19, 2023.

In the video submitted to ViralHog, which we pinned to the top of this page, you can see the Fiat Strada – a small truck sold in Brazil – positioned upside down in the driveway. The driver and passengers got out of the vehicle and got to work.

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Unfortunately, the driver forgot to apply the parking brake. This resulted in the pickup truck rolling over on an (allegedly) inclined driveway, hitting a garage door that was about to be closed, and finally coming to a stop after hitting a grassy area across the street. It’s not a pretty sight, and you can actually see one of the workers trying to pull the entire load of the truck to prevent it from overturning – to no avail, of course.

On the bright side, it appears the only damage was to the truck and garage door it hit. Still lucky no cars crossed the road or worse, someone walked on the sidewalk.

Pulling on your handbrake lever may sound like a trivial task, but let it serve as a reminder that it’s just as important to fill your tank with gas, especially in a situation like this.

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