The Bugatti Mistral Roadster Photo From Tokyo Is Eye Candy

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The Bugatti W16 Mistral has arrived in Tokyo, Japan as part of its world tour starting in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Known for its cutting-edge technology, rich culture and vast heritage, Tokyo is the perfect city to showcase the finest roadsters, drawn from over a century of Bugatti history and imbued with the latest automotive design innovations.

During his visit, Mistral W16 visited Kanda Myojin Shrine, an ancient shrine in Tokyo, and Oishi Park, with Mount Fuji in the distance and Lake Kawaguchi in front. The car also stops at the globally famous Gora Kadan, the former resting place of the Imperial Family, which is the perfect blend of nature, tradition and luxury.

The pictures provided by Bugatti commemorating the visit are stunning. The black W16 Mistral provides a striking contrast to Tokyo’s vibrant hues, highlighting everything about the 1,578 horsepower (1,177 kilowatt) quad-turbo roadster.

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“Tokyo and Japan have always been natural homes for Bugatti. Our brand is one that is guided by our traditions but always driven by the latest advances in technology, engineering and design. The W16 Mistral is an ideal showcase of our values, evolving from a long line of beautiful Bugatti roadsters, but forging ahead with unrivaled levels of performance and luxury,” said Kostas Psarris, Regional Director Middle East & Asia at Bugatti.

The Bugatti Tokyo showroom was officially opened by official Bugatti partners, Sky Group, and the W16 Mistral took center stage in the showroom, with customers treated to the evening at the globally renowned Michelin-starred restaurant nearby.

All 99 units of the Mistral W16 sold out immediately due to the overwhelming demand from Bugatti collectors around the world. Car customization will start this year in Molsheim. After its visit to Tokyo, W16 Mistral will continue its world tour, heading to the island city-state of Singapore.

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