Toyota bZ Compact SUV Concept Back In New Images, First Specs Released

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Following a preview in mid-November at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Toyota bZ Compact SUV Concept is back in the headlines celebrating its Euro debut. The electric crossover is making an appearance at the Kenshiki Forum in Brussels, Belgium, and Toyota is ready to have a lot more to say about its EV. This is one of six Beyond Zero-badged models it aims to introduce on the Old Continent in 2026. The EV has been designed and developed in France.

Featured here in new imagery alongside the plug-in hybrid Prolog C-HR concept unveiled today, the bZ Compact SUV Concept has the following dimensions: 4538 mm (178.6 inches) long, 1888 mm (74.3 inches) wide ( mirrorless), and Height 1560 mm (61.4 inches). Those wheels measure a stately 21 inches, though we’re not entirely sure they’ll still be as big as the next production model.

It’s slightly shorter than the RAV4, and like the other bZ models Toyota has released or is working on, this one has been conceived from day one strictly as an EV. The overall design doesn’t stray too far from the C-HR Prologue we mentioned earlier. However, you’ll quickly recognize which crossover is a pure electric model from the front LED light bar mounted on the bZ Compact SUV.

The minimalist interior eliminates almost all conventional controls by integrating vehicle functions into the large infotainment. There are several shortcuts below the touch screen, providing quick access to climate control, navigation and music settings. We also see a home button on the far left, along with a gear icon to access the main menu.

Because the rounded steering wheel looks old-fashioned, the bZ Compact SUV Concept’s wheels are octagonal. It removed the company logo, replaced with an off-center “Toyota bZ” script. The touch screen and digital driver display appear curved at the bottom, hinting that the automotive industry is ready to take advantage of flexible screen technology.

While the second-generation C-HR will “soon” hit the market, Toyota did not say when it plans to introduce the electric crossover. That tells us a market launch is unlikely before 2024.

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